What's TeachPro+?

Teachers can change lives with just the right mix of chalk and challenges.

Teachers have the power to transform lives and yet they don’t feel empowered. Teachers across the world have to struggle with many problems. We cannot change the world overnight and solve teachers’ problems of pay gap, stress or reverse the reducing social respect for their profession but we can make an impact in one direction. By providing teachers with a platform to grow and feel empowered to uncover new opportunities for themselves through world-class training.

TeachPro+ was created to bring this vision to reality. We want to help build a world where teachers have the power to transform their life. And the life of their students. 

Our Mission

TeachPro+ makes the best teacher training courses and programs accessible to teachers across India, at affordable prices. We help teachers get upskilled with the right tools, techniques and frameworks needed to be the teachers of the 21st century.

Our Vision

To be the learning partners of teachers, helping them overcome their challenges to achieve a more rewarding and successful career and become world-class educators.

Here’s what we do

Make quality teacher training accessible — to anyone, anytime, anywhere!

Quality teacher training programs are not accessible to everyone. TeachPro+ is a 100% digital platform especially designed for great virtual learning experience that can be accessed by anyone.

Develop courses to upskill teachers and make them future ready

To make our children ready for the future, our teachers should be future ready. Learn to use technology-enabled tools and techniques to make teaching exciting and effective. This will lead to effective learning outcomes, and smarter students!

Provide Professional Development and Grooming to teachers

For a successful career in teaching, you need the right support, development and guidance early on. Our programs and courses focus on your complete professional development. They offer soft-skills training and mentoring support in addition to technical skills.

Create new pathways for career growth

Skilled teachers attract better opportunities and get paid better. Taking our certification teacher training programs will speed up your career growth and success.

Our Contribution Towards United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG4): Quality Education

United Nations is the universal intergovernmental organization devoted to addressing the most pressing issues in the world. In 2015, the UN identified 17 goals that will help build a sustainable world. They called them the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and pledged to achieve them by 2030. 

Among the list of 17 most important goals for the world, Quality Education is the 4th goal on the list which they called SDG 4.

Now, why is the need for this goal in today’s world? In as late as 2018, nearly 280 million children and youth were out of school. This situation worsened during the pandemic when 91% of the students in the world didn’t go to school. According to the UN, by April 2020, close to 1.6 billion youth were out of school. 

So, the need to ensure every child gets quality education is now more critical than ever. 

The objective of SDG 4: Quality Education is to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all. One specific target under this goal is to — Increase the supply of qualified teachers in developing countries.

India’s National Education Policy 2020 reckons that India will have the highest population of young people in the world over the nexdecade and providing high quality educational opportunities to them will determine the future of the nation. NEP has also established itself as a contributor in supporting UN’s SDG4 mission and states that a goal as challenging as this, calls for the entire education system to be reconfigured to support and foster learning. Children should not only learn, but they need to learn how to learn. Among many things, 21st century pedagogical systems should evolve to make room for teaching critical thinking, problem solving, creativityinnovativeness and other skills that will be highly valued among the next generation of professionals.

To achieve this, NEP recognizes that teachers must be at the centre of these educational reforms. The policy highlights that the education policy must re-establish teachers as the most respected and essential members of our society.

We must do everything we can to empower teachers and support them in implementing their responsibilities as effectively as possible. TeachPro+ is a small step in the long journey that the world collectively undertakes to achieve the global education goals where our goal is to empower the ones that truly shape the future of this world. We do this by making top quality training, learning resources, mentoring and professional development support to every teacher, no matter which part of the world they live in, so they can create their path of growth and that of the society.