The Team Behind TeachPro+

TeachPro+ is an educational endeavour of Trigyn Technologies Limited.

Trigyn Technologies

Founded in 1986, Trigyn Technologies has grown to become a leader in helping organizations of all sizes build a sustainable competitive advantage using technology. 

Trigyn is a global organization with active engagements in 25 countries spanning 5 continents. With more than 2,000 experienced professionals deployed, Trigyn is the trusted partner of Fortune 500 companies, governments, international governmental bodies, public sector agencies and not-for-profit entities.

Trigyn has always supported innovation and development, and strongly believes that building a robust education system using the power of technology is the need of the hour. TeachPro+ is backed by the expertise of Trigyn Technologies which stems from 3 decades of experience in the technology sector.

TeachPro+ is not the first educational endeavour of Trigyn. They have successfully completed a prestigious project for the Andhra Pradesh Government which involved setting up 4000 Virtual Classrooms, and another one which included setting up of 125+ Smart Classes for Banaras Hindu University (BHU). Trigyn has also developed an end-to-end digital school with superior grade school and learning management capabilities which is set to be launched in the near future. 

To help build impactful courses and programs on TeachPro+, Trigyn has partnered with iTeam, a trusted entity in the teaching ecosystem.

iTeam Advisors Echelon Pvt. Ltd.

iTeamincorporated in 2009, launched its iTeach Fellowship initiative in December 2014 in Pune, India to contribute to the development of global education ecosystem. The iTeach team has more than 21 years of education experience and includes Teach for India Alumni.

The iTeach Fellowship has received tremendous support from private schools as well as social impact organizations such as — Villgro Innovations (Technology Business Incubation recognized by Department of Science and Technology, Government of India), CSF (Central Square Foundation) and CIIE (Centre for Innovation Incubation & Entrepreneurship, IIM Ahmedabad).

The iTeach Fellowship has also received 2 prestigious awards from CII (Confederation of Indian Industries) for Best Service start-up in 2016 and Top 10 promising Start-up 2016.

TeachPro+ offers the iTeach Fellowship courses in the digital format to increase their accessibility to all teachers in India.

Institute for the Advancement of Vedic Mathematics (IAVM)

The Institute for the Advancement of Vedic Mathematics is a global organization, registered as a Charity in the UK. It was established in early 2016 to promote, disseminate, research, and support the system of Vedic Mathematics internationally.

Their mission is to develop tools and resources to learn, apply and advance in Vedic Mathematics and to encourage research and development of new applications of Vedic Mathematics.

Their key offerings include curriculum design and development, certifications, accreditations, conferences and webinars, custom workshops, student and teacher training, and Vedic Math Olympiads. IAVM’s programs run in over 15 countries empowering more than 1000 teachers and 5000 students.