TeachPro+ is committed to complete customer satisfaction. Once the user has submitted their form and made payment, no changes or additions will be allowed except for cancellations as per the condition mentioned below. 

Our Policy for the cancellation and refund will be as follows:

Cancellation Policy 

Cancellation Requests received later than 7 days after the purchase of the current courses/programs and or after 20% of the completion of course by the user will be treated as rejected and cancellation cannot be approved. 

For Cancellations please contact us at refund@teachproplus.com. 

Refund Policy 

In case you have enrolled & paid for the Course or Program & for some reason the Program is cancelled or is not conducted within 24 hrs of purchase of the said program from our end, considering all the facts & scenario, TeachPro+ takes the responsibility to refund the full amount paid by you. 

But in case you missed the program/courses due to any reason & didn’t attend it, TeachPro+ is not liable for any refund. Once a payment method is added, TeachPro+ will immediately charge your card and the amount cannot be refunded