Who is it for?

Discover your true potential as a teacher

iTeach 101 empowers young teachers with the tools and techniques to ace the challenges you face and build a strong professional foundation

Develop Adaptability

Adapt to the learning styles and needs of every student in your class to ensure high performance.

Expand Your Skillset

Get introduced to diverse toolkit and resources to enhance your productivity, efficiency and save time.

Give your career a boost, become a sought-after teacher

iTeach 101 enables you to get ahead of your peers through world-class training developed by experienced educators

Become Excellent Communicator

Master the nuances of communication and build strong relationships with students, parents and school management.

Build Flexibility & Agility

Teachers today have to keep up with the changing times, build agility towards changing curriculum, policies and different learning environments, virtual and in-classroom.

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Want to Discover Your True Potential as a Teacher?

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